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Promenade for Beverage Stores

Bring your local liquor or beverage business online

Demand for online alcohol ordering and delivery is up more than 250%. Get your store online without the need to build a specialized ecommerce website from scratch. Promenade provides a complete platform to promote, sell, and fulfill online beverage and liquor sales while ensuring you build a strong, ongoing relationship with your customers.

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Sell Online

Online ordering, pick-up, and delivery for your neighborhood store

Promenade SEO-optimized storefronts are built to offer a simple shopping experience for your customers while ensuring your store appears in search results for your local area. Promenade storefronts are customizable and showcase your company’s brand and products, enhancing your customers’ experience and increasing online sales. Checkout is extremely intuitive, providing a secure shopping experience and onboarding and setup are completely turn-key.


Run & Manage

Online Storefront Management

The Promenade platform allows you to view and change orders, send notifications to customers, and track payments and payouts. Manage all orders quickly and easily in the Promenade back-office and run your online business seamlessly.



From Online Order to Delivery

Promenade makes delivery easy and seamless. Use our services exclusively or in conjunction with third-party delivery partners. We ensure your customers’ orders are delivered quickly and we handle any challenges that might arise: drop-off issues, address updates, and after-order customer support.


Marketing Services

Attract new customers & keep them coming back

Management of your Instagram and Facebook accounts to drive traffic and interest from new customers, customized email marketing campaigns designed and sent on your behalf, even search engine marketing and online advertising placement to drive awareness and fuel new customer acquisition. Our team of professionals can assist in maximizing awareness of your brand and drive new business to your online storefront.


Inquiring minds want to know

Frequently asked questions

Is alcohol delivery through Promenade legal?

The Promenade platform and our delivery partners are designed to operate legally within the three-tier system. By bringing your store online with Promenade, we will work with you to ensure you are following your state’s and local municipality’s regulations and laws.

Who delivers the orders?

You can, or our delivery services can handle everything for you—including your relationships with any third-party delivery services. For more information on third-party delivery solutions in your area, get in touch with us.

Do I need special licenses or permits to deliver alcohol?

If you are delivering yourself, it’s possible. Be sure to check with regulatory authorities and bodies in your state to ensure you are properly certified and/or permitted to deliver alcohol to consumers should you choose to deliver alcoholic products on your own.