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Quickly get your butcher business online & increase revenue

Over 61% of meat and seafood consumers switched to shopping online in the last few years, which gives butcher businesses an incredible opportunity. Grow your revenue without building an e-commerce website from scratch or hiring more staff. Promenade for Butchers is reasonably priced and provides a complete platform that includes a custom website, online ordering, delivery options, marketing, and back-office management.

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Online ordering, pick-up, and delivery for your neighborhood butcher store

Promenade storefronts offer a simple and safe online shopping experience while ensuring your meat and grocery products are well-showcased. The website is customized to fit your brand, enhance customer experience, and increase your online sales. Set up is turn-key, with easy onboarding and a dedicated account manager to get you up and running quickly. Now is the time to future-proof your butchercraft by taking advantage of online shopping and delivery growth.



Online Storefront Management

Promenade for Butchers is a professionally managed, user-friendly ecommerce platform–complete with marketing, payment, fulfillment, and inventory services. The Promenade platform allows you to better track expenses, product lists, daily sales, and stock availability. Manage online and in-store orders easily in the Promenade back-office, own your domain and customer data, catalyze conversions, and let us worry about hosting, maintaining, and keeping your online storefront up to date.



From Online Order to Delivery

Promenade makes delivery easy and seamless with flexible delivery options: self-delivery, third-party delivery, or in-store pick-up. We also handle any challenges that might arise: drop-off issues and after-order customer support. Other third-party delivery or meat subscription services take a large cut of your profit, but not Promenade. Our platform is reasonably priced, and you will know what to expect. Further, customers build loyalty to your company, not a third-party business.

If you choose our nationwide delivery partners we ensure:

  • Same Day Delivery
  • Timed two-hour delivery window
  • Realtime notification & proof-of-delivery
  • Support for perishables & refrigerated items


Attract new customers & keep them coming back

You’re busy. We get it. Let our social media-savvy marketing professionals manage your Instagram and Facebook accounts to drive traffic to your website and attract new customers. Customized email marketing campaigns can be sent on your behalf—proven to increase revenue and customer loyalty. We specialize in marketing local businesses and ensuring that they are always on the first page of Google search with search engine optimization (SEO). Let us drive new customers to you.



Save time and offer great customer service

You work hard and put in long hours. But with Promenade, you can scale your business and compete with supermarkets and meat delivery services with ease. Your customers value the quality of your meat cuts and carefully sourced and curated inventory, but they increasingly want convenience. Provide high-quality and convenience to your customers while you save time with:

  • Rapid custom website launch
  • No heavy-lifting for managing pricing, catalog, inventory, and marketing
  • Pre-established contracts with delivery couriers to start fulfilling orders on day one
  • Easy-to-reach customer support


Frequently asked questions

Who delivers the orders?

You can, or our delivery services can handle everything for you—including your relationships with any third-party delivery services. For more information on third-party delivery solutions in your area, get in touch with us.

Who can use Promenade for Butchers?

U.S.-based local, independent butcher shops that sell meat or seafood.

Can I deliver alcohol through Promenade legally?

The Promenade platform and our delivery partners are designed to operate legally within the three-tier system. By bringing your store online with Promenade, we will work with you to ensure you are following your state’s and local municipality’s regulations and laws.

Do I need special licenses or permits to deliver alcohol?

If you are delivering yourself, it’s possible. If you choose to deliver alcoholic products on your own, check with regulatory authorities and bodies in your state to make sure you are properly certified and/or permitted to deliver alcohol to consumers.