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Local Pet Store Owners Now Have a New Platform to Thrive in the Age of Corporate Giants

  • April 18, 2023

Santa Monica, California May 8, 2023 (Issuewire.com) With 53% of pet owners now shopping for pet supplies online, more than 12,000 local pet stores have struggled to find eCommerce solutions to help them catch up with the pack. Addressing this need, Promenade Group, a leader in small business eCommerce solutions, today announced the launch of Promenade for Pet Stores – an all-in-one platform built from the ground for local, independent Pet Stores. Promenade has focused on empowering local businesses to thrive against large eCommerce players and big retailers for over a decade. Now they’re ready to revolutionize the pet store industry by helping local pet stores compete against the big dogs with a twofold approach: streamline their business and empower them for growth.

For over a decade, we’ve been on a mission to help local businesses thrive by building tools that simplify their operations and generate revenue growth. Small business owners need an all-in-one solution that puts the power back into their hands. We are leveling the playing field against big e-commerce companies and big box chains said Farbod Shoraka, CEO and co-founder, of Promenade.

The platform provides a beautiful, custom-branded website that makes each pet store stand out in the crowd of competitors, but that’s just the start.

The platform includes:

  • Online ordering
  • Online booking for grooming and classes
  • Same-day delivery
  • Product Catalog Management
  • Customer Review Management
  • Automated Marketing Engine
  • Social media content
  • Premium Customer Support, and
  • Business financing available

Promenade’s all-in-one solution is made available to local, independent Pet Stores for a reasonable monthly subscription rate with no hidden fees.

Online Ordering and Delivery

With the tools to streamline a pet stores workload by up to 50%, the platform enables them to offer their customers the convenience of online booking for grooming and classes, same-day delivery, in-store and curbside pickup, and many more features to help local pet stores save time and compete within the harried pet store industry. On-demand delivery is simple for pet stores with access to a nationwide network of delivery drivers and provides customers with a courier-like experience.

 “Our online business has exploded. Now our e-commerce revenue represents 22% to 35% of our overall business.” - My Blooming Business, a Promenade Partner

Online Booking and Scheduling

Local pet stores are known to offer pet owners the best customer service and expertise. However, there is a growing need for local stores to compete with large retailers in providing the convenience of online ordering, delivery, and online booking for services like grooming. In response, Promenade provides a beautiful, custom website that offers customers a delightful online shopping experience with various fulfillment options, including same-day delivery, in-store pick-up, and curbside pick-up.

Automated Marketing Engine

Promenade includes an automated marketing engine to drive repeat orders and engage customers without pet store staff lifting a finger. Email marketing is included in the starter plan, with emails designed and sent on the stores behalf. Stores can opt into social media marketing, and Promenade will manage the stores Instagram and Facebook accounts, adding 288 curated posts per year.

Product Catalog Management

Product Catalog Management saves busy pet store owners time by eliminating the need to input inventory data manually. They can also rest assured that there are no duplicate items, misspellings, or incorrect information. The Managed Catalog (updated daily) contains over 15,000 existing pet products with images, descriptions, UPCs, SKUs, and attributes, so adding new items to their inventory is quick and easy.

Customer Review Management

Reviews are becoming increasingly crucial for attracting new customers, with 49% of consumers saying they need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business. Reputation Management features help Pet Stores automatically get more reviews. They also receive instant notifications of new reviews so they can reply quickly. Additionally, they can respond to all their reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, and their website right from the owner dashboard.

Promenade for Pet Stores is now available for local, independent pet stores nationwide. For more information, visit www.getpromenade.com/pet-stores.

About Promenade Group

Promenade started as BloomNation in 2010 with a clear vision of empowering local businesses with the technology and support to thrive against big retailers and eCommerce giants. Evolving to serve multiple industries, Promenade Group, Inc. now serves local, independent flower shops, restaurants, butcher shops, liquor stores, and pet stores across the country. Promenade equips small businesses with the tools they need to grow online sales, reach new customers, and easily manage both online and in-store orders. For more information, visit www.getpromenade.com.