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Increase Traffic to Your Small Business Website

  • May 20, 2022
  • 4 minutes read

Websites are growing in popularity as a way to bring in more business, and it’s no wonder. With high payoffs on low investment and risk, it’s only natural that web traffic would become the bread and butter of successful e-commerce. If you recently launched a website and are looking to grow your business, here are our top ways of driving traffic to a small business website.

#1 A Secure Web Page Brings More Website Traffic

Since 2018, Google Chrome has been alerting users on the security of web pages they visit. Suppose a website doesn’t have HTTPS encryption through an SSL certificate. In that case, the chances of it lacking Google’s stamp of approval and ultimately having less visibility are also on the rise. 

Not only does web security impact a site’s Google ranking, leading to less organic traffic, but it also affects the extent of generated sales and return on investment. A GlobalSign study showed that up to 84% of users abandon purchases on unsecured connections and instead move to other, seemingly safer retailers. If you want to make sure your e-commerce is working full speed and bringing optimum results, contact a domain hosting company for the best options to make your website a safe haven for customers everywhere. 

#2 Introduce a Mobile-Friendly Website

2020 mobile vs. desktop usage stats show that more than 60% of all U.S. traffic stems from mobile devices. Not only are phones the source of most organic website traffic, but for your site to even rank on browsers and reach users, your pages have to be mobile-friendly. This is because Google prioritizes mobile page speed as one of the key metrics to determine web search ranking. 

If you want to improve your website traffic volume and cater to your primary audience, we recommend looking into free online tools that can help you evaluate the speed of your site and optimize it accordingly to increase visibility and outreach magnitude.

#3 Place Referral Links All Over Your Social Media

Global social media statistics show an unprecedented number of active social media users which currently counts over 4.6 billion and is projected to only grow in the coming years. So whatever niche you may be in, you can expect to find your target audience on the most popular platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit. 

Compared to other popular sources of web traffic, such as SEO practices, social media platforms have proven to bring the most significant referral traffic to professional websites. If you’re looking to increase web visibility and expand your reach beyond the scope of current customers, we recommend ensuring your web link is easily accessible and regularly emphasized in your regular social media posts.

#4 Focused Emails With Embedded Referrals Are the Way to Go

Many people fail to see the potential of email marketing, yet this medium is among the most effective ways of generating website traffic. Its vast efficiency can be attributed to one fantastic quality – and that is the fact that email lists allow you to pick and choose the audience you are addressing. 

However, as the number of emails sent daily amounts to 333.2 billion, it’s becoming crucial to catch your readers’ attention right off the bat rather than get the message thrown away without a mere click. Place your focus on crafting catered and focused subject lines to get more messages opened. If the subject lines are compelling enough, you won’t have any problem getting more eyes on your website with referral links embedded in carefully targeted and crafted content.

#5 Invest in Original Photos

Images are often underlooked when it comes to SEO and overall website traffic, yet they can be a vital aspect of getting your page out there. By implementing basic image optimization, like alt tags, captions, adequate names, and file sizes, you can ensure your website is found over image browsers more easily.

Moreover, original, optimized images work much better than stock photos. This is because authentic images convey your brand’s message much better than generic content. Original photos are also more relevant to your product or service, and research shows they improve brand equity and conversion rates. A stock images test has demonstrated that original photos had a 35% higher conversion rate than web pages with stock images. Although authentic photography requires more resources, there’s no doubt you’ll see a significant return on investment by using them.

As an independent business owner, it’s important to continue to look for ways to increase traffic and grow sales for your business. Promenade can help your business to create positive online brand experiences, drive sales, increase customer loyalty, and fuel online orders. Our vertically-focused software will enable you to focus your expertise elsewhere and get the best results simultaneously.

Emilija Bošković

Emilija Bošković

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